Welcome to PJP Photography

Welcome and thank you for visiting the PJP Photography website. I specialise in images from the natural world and other sights and locations that have inspired me through their natural beauty, texture and light. Most of the images on this site are for sale and can be supplied via email, secure website, memory stick or CD, just click on the ‘contact me’ heading to let me know the images that you are particularly interested in.

I hope you enjoy the gallery images. If you have any queries about my services, please click on the contact me heading.

Art of Photography

Photography is the art of capturing and manipulating images. Photographers can use film and digital cameras as well as camera-less photography to create images. The photographic process allows an image to be reproduced using light.


Photography is a powerful tool to communicate so much without uttering a single word. A photograph can be interpreted and understood by one glance.


Printing your photos puts your memories in the palm of your hand, on gorgeous glossy or matte paper from reputable print service via online. Choose your size and whether to add a white border or anything else – it couldn’t be simpler.


It is all depend on kind of products you choose, if we do ship your items in one package, the estimated delivery time is based on whichever product takes the longest. Also to ensure maximum protection and secure shipping of your items.