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A Photographer in South Wales

Paul J. Pycroft is a freelance photographer based in Cardiff, South Wales, and has so far taken anything from portraits and landscape to nature and still life. Photography combines well with his other passions – I.T work and web development and swimming.
Paul was born deaf but is very good at lip reading. He was fifteen when he had his first camera, a Zenith B, 35mm film SLR camera. That gave him an insight into capturing images with various lighting conditions with and without use of a light meter. At 17 Paul took the winning photograph at the Welsh Youth Photography Award.
From there he gained valuable experience in his first job as Technician at Cardiff University in the early 1980’s taking photographs with Pentax and Nikon 35mm SLR cameras as part of his daily role for both academic and post graduates research work. This included in the traditional way using a darkroom based enlarger and the use of chemicals to produce photographic prints.
Nowadays, he uses a digital SLR and the latest photo editing packages. If you would like to meet to discuss your particular requirements Paul is happy to meet over a coffee, or, if you have any further questions, please click on ‘contact me.
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